Diamonds that undergo a form of ion induction color treatment that substantially
enhances the color appearance of a diamonds irrespective of its original color/clarity
grade. This treatment is completely radiation-free and provides a consistent, reliable
and predictable method for producing the desired color shade without many of the
drawbacks of existing color treatments of diamonds such as irradiation and HPHT. The
Key attributes are compared with the existing treatments.

Ion Induction is advanced Process technology that makes pink colored diamonds
affordable and is superior compare to other color enhanced methods.

The Ion Induction Process produces pink diamonds Grade 2P ensuring color quality closely mimics natural pink diamonds,HPHT on the other hand generates deeper color pink or even purple, giving a more obvious treated look.
Ion Induction is Heat Stable and exposure to household chemicals,HPHT Stones are sensitive to heat and the color will change under high amounts of heat.
Ion Induction does not utilize radiation,HPHT uses radiation with lasting effects
on the stones chemical makeup.
IIon Induction does not require treatment after treatment, which preserves
more carat weight of the orignal diamond.
HPHT Stones are required to be re-cut
after treatment sacraficing a slight ammmount of the stones mass.
Ion Induction will not harm the structure of the stone,HPHT could fracture or
graphitize greatly reducing the diamonds value.
Ion Induction can be reversed and treated again for better results, HPHT is a
permanent treatment and cannot be reversed.

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