Diamonds discovered in india 800 B.C and redefined power,
wealth, prestige and social status, for that reason diamonds
were worn in its original and natural state as rough stones
to signify strength and positive energy.

Rough diamonds are diamonds in their original state, mined
from depth of the earth before undergoing polishing and
cutting process treatment.

Rough diamonds comes in variety of natural colors. The
main value of diamond obtained from its original untouched
state and natural beauty.

Only twenty percent of the diamonds produced yearly are
assigned as gem -quality. The rest with inferior quality
designated as industrial diamonds.

At Kattan we design each jewelry piece to highlight the
natural beauty of the rough stone as each diamond has its
own distinctive attributes and unique in its own way.

In recent years rough diamonds have become very popular
among jewelers and consumers as a result of its natural
quality and distinctive characters.

kattan has wide collection of rough diamonds pieces at all
sizes and shapes from sorting the best stones to finish
beautiful jewelry product.

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